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Once we aren’t in school anymore, working in a large office, or our children don’t need us like they used to, it can be hard to make new friends.

All of the things that used to connect us to others seem to have gone away, or maybe we had to move for work and don’t know anyone in that city. Whatever the reason, with change comes new challenges, and today I am going to set you up for success so that you can make new friends as an adult.

1. Work on yourself, and figuring out who you are.

2. Once you have a few things that you like doing, and that feel good to you, find groups!

3. Also! Reconnect with others you may have lost touch with.

4. Say yes! Whenever we are invited to try something new do we find ourselves saying no? Instead trying saying yes to all invites, and I promise you, you will be opened up to meeting new people as well as finding out what new things you enjoy.

5. Follow up! Reach back out after your first hang out and find out when you can get together again. We don’t have to play it cool when we are adults and want to be friends with someone. If you like them, follow up!

And last, just because I think this is important. Make sure that we not only open up slowly and carefully about anything personal to us, also ask them how they are. Relationships are all about balance, so make sure you share as well as you ask them how their day was. That way you both benefit from getting together.

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