Hey everyone! I am launching a new tool to help you journal & stay motivated.

I know getting started on our path to self care can be hard and sometimes sticking with it can be even more difficult. That’s why I created this tool! I’ll be sending  you messages twice a week, and my hope is that this can help get you thinking and writing more easily, or possibly take your journaling in a new and helpful direction.

I have always utilized journaling as a way to vent about all that’s going on, as well as help me gain some much needed perspective. If you have been watching my videos for awhile, you know that I used to share journal topics and motivational quote each week as a way of keeping us all working on ourselves. Over the years, my video schedule has shifted and ultimately I retired the series. BUT! I miss it!

This is a monthly service and it only cost $5. You get the first 2 weeks free test it out, see if it works for you and know that you can cancel at any time by just texting STOP. I know many of you missed the video journal topics and motivation, so hopefully this is a welcome replacement.

Click here to get started!