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Depression & Anxiety

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This is a place to talk about our experiences and lend support to one another. I know that depression and anxiety often come together. When we aren’t feeling anxious we are feeling depressed, and vice versa. I hope this can give you all a safe place to get some support and encouragement.

The edge of an episode

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The edge of an episode

  • Kait Bird

    I feel like I’m on the edge of a depressive episode. I feel the rising self hate, the urges to cut, the urges to listen to that voice that tells me I don’t deserve food.

    The thing is, I want to dive right in, I want to let it take hold. I don’t want to tell my Fiancé, or my friends or my parents. I don’t want to call my therapist. I want to injure, I want to starve, I want to isolate, I want to embrace every bad behavior my depression has ever caused.

    I haven’t taken the dive yet, but my resolve is shakey and I don’t know how to life.


    I feel you. And to be honest, I’m in a similar situation. I know what it feels like to know very well that you shouldn’t follow the depressive voices and the urge to jump into the pool of depression but it’s very ‘attractive’. You love it as much as you hate it.

    My advice is to think of the result. What will it get you? It won’t get you anything? You won’t get anywhere by being in the depressive episode. I really do suggest you get help before you sink deeper into it.

    Sending you strength and lots of positive energy. 🙂
    You’re strong and you can overcome it!

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