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Depression & Anxiety

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This is a place to talk about our experiences and lend support to one another. I know that depression and anxiety often come together. When we aren’t feeling anxious we are feeling depressed, and vice versa. I hope this can give you all a safe place to get some support and encouragement.

Telling parents

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Telling parents

  • Robyn

    Everyone I need some help figuring out what I should do. I SH and have been since May last year and my family and parents have no clue. I want to tell them but every time I bring it up they go crazy and start calling people that do it horrible names and stuff. I know they will not support me but I can’t handle this alone. My tutor saw my SH cuts yesterday and he pulled me aside and I lied to him. Fairly sure he knows but I’m freaking out he’s going to tell him. I really really really want to tell my tutor but I’m petrified he’s gonna tell my parents (he’s a safeguarding officer too). What do I do?


    Hi Robyn,

    I’m no expert, but I think you should ask your tutor for help. Being a safeguarding
    officer, you are probably not the first SH’ing person he has seen. And as he’s seen
    your cuts already, I guess he’s figured out what’s going on. Tell him how your parents
    may react if they knew, I think a lot of parents just don’t understand. I’m not sure
    if he has to tell them as long as you’re underage, but maybe he knows some sort of
    a solution. Take care!


    Thanks Peter,
    My best friend is in my class who does it and has attempted multiple times and he knows but she doesn’t have a family too tell. He saw only a tiny amount and said that he will have to monitor me. I cannot let him tell my parents because I will loose the only thing in my life I care about (my horse) in attempt to get me to stop.

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