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Depression & Anxiety

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This is a place to talk about our experiences and lend support to one another. I know that depression and anxiety often come together. When we aren’t feeling anxious we are feeling depressed, and vice versa. I hope this can give you all a safe place to get some support and encouragement.

self harm and suicidal thoughts but no help

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self harm and suicidal thoughts but no help

  • Astrid Rudd

    Hi guys so I have been self harming and having suicidal thoughts for about a year now and I’m pretty confident in saying that I’ve tried everything to help myself but nothing seems to work, self harm urges can last up to a week. I have tried getting an appointment with the school councillor however her waiting list is 5 months long and I’ll have left school by then. my family cant afford a therapist atm and so I feel like I’ve run out of options. Any advice? I really need help.


    Hello! I deal with similar things that you described. I self harm and have suicidal thoughts. School counselors aren’t always the best from my experience. Especially if you are suicidal and you have to wait 5 months to talk to them. Reaching out to friends and even adults that you trust and having therapy-like sessions can be really helpful. I would also notify friends and family on how you’re feeling so they can help. Take it easy on yourself and give yourself lots of breaks. If your problems are really difficult, you can request a 504 plan from the school (It’s a contract-type thing that gives you special accommodations. Mine lets me take fidget toys and take breaks when needed, among other things). I hope your pain eases soon!


    Have you talked to your family about seeing a therapist? Many will work on a sliding-scale that is income based so your family can afford it. You can also check out free clinics in your area. And maybe something else to try would be talking to your school nurse to see if she can refer you to a therapist a bit quicker, or if they can get you in for an urgent appt with the school counselor even though her waiting list is long. They usually have slots for emergencies/time sensitive issues. Hope things get better soon!

    Astrid Rudd

    thank you very much, i’ll look into the free clinics in my area and i didn’t think of the school nurse! thank you

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