Grounding Techniques in Trauma Therapy – psychology & mental health with therapist Kati Morton

kati morton and dr. alexa altman

 The goal of trauma therapy is to stay in the resilient zone while processing the past trauma

Today Alexa and I teach you some techniques to do just that! Since fight, flight or freeze are ways our body responds when our sympathetic nervous system is maxed out, we have to find ways to calm it back down.

We have talked in the past about grounding techniques, and how those can help when we are dissociating or in the “freeze” state, but what do we do if we are in the fight/flight state? Alexa talks about how we are soothed as children and how our brains are actually wired for connection. With that in mind, she gives us some ideas of ways to recreate that soothing feeling and how to build a resiliency box, so you have these tools with you when you need them.

When we are babies we connect with our mother through feeding. We make eye contact, we suck and swallow. We can be upset, crying and even throwing a tantrum, but a few moments being fed and we become calm. Alexa uses this image to offer up some soothing techniques. We can suck on candies, make eye contact and hear the voice of someone we love and who is safe, and do some slow deep breathing. She recommends asking that safe and loving person to leave a voicemail or send us a video saying something nice. Then keep that in your resiliency box so you can hear it and see it when you need it most.

I hope you found this video helpful and keep it in a playlist so you can re-watch it as you create your own resiliency box! Huge thank you to Alexa for sharing her knowledge, and thank you to my Patreon Patrons for their support! It’s because of them that this collaboration (and all of my videos really) are possible. xx




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