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Trans Voices

  • Kait Bird

    Kati, New subscriber here. I like your videos I’ve basically been watching little else for the last three days. But I feel like the discussion on trans issues and the trans experience have been, well, rather cringeworthy I think some guests should be included for some discussion on the trans experience and the intersection of being trans and mental health.

    Suggestions for possible guests could include Jackson Bird(no relation), Ash Hardell, Chandler N Wilson, or Riley Jay Dennis

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    As a transman myself, I absolutely agree. Kati seems super educated on so many things, but she cant be perfect, and there is always room to learn more. I 100% believe she would.

    I fully second collabing with a trans youruber. It would be an amazing educational expirience for Kati and all of her cisgender (non-trans people) youtubers.

    Being transgender is so complex, and personal. Gender dysphoria is freequently a term thrown around and while important, doesnt cover all the aspects of a trans persons life. Trans people are beautiful and strong and whole channels are dedicated to trans topics it is difficult to do in one video.

    Id recommend a trans 101 series. Similar to a transmale youtuber named Chase Ross (uppercasechase1 on youtube) he made a whole series of basic topics about transgender people. 100% recommend!


    trans woman here. i dont think ive ever seen a video from kati about transiness

    Alex Samuel

    I agree. She should collab with someone! Idk where she’s located but i watch several ftm trans youtubers. Alex Bertie, Sam Collins, Jeydon Wale, Chase Ross, Cameron Russo, and Jamiedodger. Oh yeah i’m trans too – ftm.

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