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Sleep Anxiety

  • Miryiah Morrow

    I’ve never posted here before so i hope i’m doing it right.

    Hi Kati! I’ve started watching your videos recently, and I really like hearing your perspective on things!

    To start off, I am very attached to my best friend. He is a great source of comfort for me; we even share a bed and sleep together every night. Sometimes I go to sleep before him and he doesn’t come to bed because he falls asleep somewhere else. I almost always wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep due to my anxiety. I have been working on setting better boundaries with my best friend because i am more dependent on him than i want to be, but this is something i’m really struggling with. I know this anxiety stems from the numerous times my mom left in the middle of the night when I was a child; when i wake up and he’s not there, it’s hard not to feel like I did when I was little.

    So my question is, how do I calm myself down without waking him up and having him come to bed? How can I reassure myself that he’s still gonna be here in the morning when he’s not next to me?

    thanks and hope you’re having a nice day! 😊



    I’m not Kati but I’ve struggled with a similar situation and found it’s helpful to sleep with something like a weighted blanket or body pillow. My husband often falls asleep somewhere else and one thing that helps me is to ask him to let me know if he doesn’t think he’ll be sleeping in bed that night. That way, when I wake up, it’s not a surprise that he isn’t next to me. And instead of saying “goodnight” try saying “see you in the morning”

    Hope this is helpful. Take care!

    Miryiah Morrow

    Hi Libby! Thanks for the suggestions! I have thought about getting a weighted blanket before because I think it could help me, but the ones i’ve looked at have been way too expensive!
    I’ll look into the body pillow tho! As it is, I usually sleep with a stuffed animal when I know I’ll be sleeping alone.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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