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#KatiFAQ: When is the right time to leave university?

  • Rosie

    Dear Kati,

    I’m in my final year at university and i’ve been struggling a lot. The work is piling on and i’m slowly isolating myself from other people. I can’t sleep because all i’m thinking about is work and I can’t eat because I’m too anxious. Any spare time is taken up applying for jobs and deferred entry masters programmes. I also have a part-time job to help fund my degree. I know i’m making myself ill but i’m scared to give up everything i’ve worked for. When is the right time to leave university?

    Thank you for all you do,



    I don’t know when the right time is for you, but I was in a similar situation as an undergrad. If you aren’t already, see the campus counselor or a therapist. Most schools will work with you when you’re struggling to get you to finish. See if there are any accommodations that might be suitable (I was able to get a private room for testing/extended time for exams, early access to power points, a note taker, a tutor to help keep me accountable, etc.) It can make a world of difference to ease the burden. Plus it helps having someone in your corner to talk to.

    It also might be worth considering taking a medical withdrawal for a semester or two. It won’t derail your life, you can get the rest you need, take care of yourself, and you’ll be able to go back when you’re feeling better. When I went this route, the only thing it meant for me was that it would take me 5 years to graduate instead of 4. It didn’t matter to my GPA, and it gave me the room I needed to breathe.

    I don’t want to encourage you to leave altogether, seeing as you’re in your last year. But if you decide that you don’t want to finish, that you need to prioritize your health over school (which is ultimately what I chose a year after my medical withdrawal), it’s okay. I’m on the other side telling you it’s not the end. School will always be there, you can always go back. And if you decide not to or if things get in the way, your life is just as worthwhile. All your hard work isn’t wasted because it played an important part in who you’re becoming.

    Whatever you decide, please take care. It goes without saying that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, everything else is so much harder. I know it’s hard to eat when you’re anxious all the time and you haven’t slept in so long you don’t remember what “rested” feels like. It’s okay to take a bit of the day for self-care. More than okay- it’s necessary. School is important, jobs are important, but so are you.

    Sorry for the length, I hope things get better soon<3


    I genuinely needed to hear that thank you! I think i’ll stick it out for as long as possible and just see how much support I can get!


    Hi Rosie,

    That’s awesome that you wanna go back to university to finish up getting your degree. I’m currently in my third year of college and still have no major yet and have no idea what I wanna do with my life. So it sounds like your steps ahead of me!! 🙂

    Yes, I agree with Libby. Get as much support you can get. It makes being there so much easier. I found a therapist here near my college. Which makes my life a tad bit easier because I got someone to talk with…

    I wish you luck on making your decision.


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