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How to recognize and stop oversharing??

  • libby

    I’m not sure why I do it but sometimes things just flow from my mouth, only to later regret being so “open.” And then I feel bad and I’m not sure if I feel that way because I’ve crossed a boundary or if it’s some other reason.

    Most recently, oversharing some family drama with my mother-in-law… my mom would kill me if she knew I was talking about it, especially to her. Was it wrong to share because it’s personal stuff and not really her business, even though my mother-in-law and I are also good friends? Or do I feel guilty because I was taught to keep that stuff quiet?

    Where’s the line? How do we know? And when we overstep, how do we fix it?

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    Hi Libby,

    this sometimes happens to me, too. When I’m talking to someone it is sometimes difficult for me to notice the point of when it is too much information for sharing.
    For me this is always the case with information about other people and not with information concerning myself. Unfortunately I haven’t found a ‘cure’ for this but I noticed that sometimes I do this when I’m insecure and don’t want others to know much about me. I think for me it is hiding behind the stories of others. Maybe you can relate to that?
    I’m trying to tell only as much about others as I would tell about myself, I manage this more and more often but not always.

    I hope this is helping a little bit.

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