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Does this happen to anyone else?

  • Leanne

    I see a therapist and like everyone else I have difficult and better weeks.

    When I go into see my therapist in the beginning of the week I always bring something up that stressed me out the week before.

    I see my therapist on Tuesday mornings. Feels like when I get myself into a stressful situation it always comes up on Tuesday afternoons or evenings after I see her for the week. The only person I talk about my stress with is my therapist.

    I was wondering does this happen to anyone else? It does for me all this time.


    More stuff going through my mind. My therapist cancelled on me today. Luckily she reschedule me for Thursday.

    But now I’m more stressed because I won’t see her till Thursday and of course more things will come up between now and then.


    Hi Leanne ,

    You my friend are human 🙂

    Our minds race like crazy , and if we need help the racing mind often goes right past what we need to say , of course that is not going to help through these next 2 days until you meet your therapist ( one day left when you read this ).

    I try yo write down the stuff I either cant remember or dont want to remember and give the list of issues or feelings I have to my therapist.

    Sometimes I go empty handed , other days ( like today ) she will earn her pay !!.

    { I } We think , therefor { I } we are ? I don`t know if they got that right , when we over think stuff we get in trouble , those with issues nasty enough to is a therapist already over think too much and often we get involved in ourselves too deep.

    The best thing I can suggest is do your favorite thing , it truly does not matter what it is , watch tv / read a book / play an instrument / knit , anything to calm your mind to stop it from racing.

    I understand I may not have really answered your question , and I am sorry , I just felt you needed to read this.

    Thinking is great , it keeps us young , just so long as we don`t waste our life by over thinking !!

    I wish you all the best , take care and PM anytime 🙂



    Oh. My mind felt like it was going 100mph all day today. I saw my therapist at 11am this morning and currently it’s almost 11pm. My mind was racing before I saw her and after I saw her.

    Today wasn’t my day. Even right after I got settled in for the night the fire alarm went off at 7pm. Scared me and I’m on the 5th floor. So tons of college students going down the emergency exit staircase. So we all had to evacuate the dorm building for a while. The fire alarm was just a fire drill. But my mind was racing during that too.

    I’m seeing my therapist one more time before the break. I hope next week I won’t be as stressed when I go into see her.

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