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Does shyness get in your way?

  • Leanne


    I defiantly call myself an introvert person.

    Does your shyness get in your way?
    How do you deal with not sharing a thought when you really wanted to?

    Well.. shyness got in my way…. I went to my weekly youth group tonight. We had some discussion questions. I couldn’t share my answer to one of the questions with my small group because I couldn’t get my thought out. I wanted to but other people were talking and I couldn’t get my thought out during the breaks between people talking.


    It does.. all the time actually. And in a lot different situations.. It sucks. After you had a conversation and didn’t say what you actually wanted feels really bad.. and find myself thinking about how that conversation or whatever situation iit was, could have turned if I’ve said something. I don’t really do anything about it. Sometimes I justpush myself to do what I want or say it. But it’s difficult.
    Yesterday my mom asked me if everything is alright, and I really wanted to tell her that I’m not and that I need some help and that I need her support. But I didn’t and thought about that the whole night. But I guess that’s something different, that I don’t want to hurt her.. I don’t know.

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    Hi Svea!

    Glad to here someone else gets this! Luckily, I’m not shy all the time just in new surroundings/situations or if I’m down.

    When I am in situations and try to get a though out I’ll get nervous an my legs will start shaking.

    Whenever you feel comfortable you should try to tell you mom,. I know it will difficult but you might feel better. It takes time.


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