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Anxiety or Nerves?

  • Leanne

    This week we are doing group presentations for one of my classes. Some groups went today and the other ones go Thursday. I am the very last group to go on Thursday.

    Well.. My friend and I always show up 10 minutes early to chat. Once I got in the room before even class starts I’m telling her how nervous I am for my presentation which is on Thursday. I defiantly told her I am anxious many times in the span of 5 minutes.
    Nervous to go to class on Thursday because I will actually be doing my presentation.

    Am I just nervous or is it anxiety?


    Hi Leanne,

    I used to be very nervous at school and college when I had to do a presentation.
    Now, years later, I know that my social anxiety and maybe autism were the main cause.
    I just felt very uncertain in my class, didn’t have many friends I could rely on.
    But now, after doing many presentations for work, I just know I can do it. Of course,
    I’m still a bit nervous sometimes, especially if I haven’t done much preparation,
    but that’s normal for most of us, I guess. So try to practice a few times, write
    down some notes and key sentences to keep you on track during the presentation,
    take a bit of time beforehand to make sure you look alright, and just go for it.
    And remember, you’re there to learn, not to be perfect at the first time. So if
    you get comments afterwards, don’t let it put you down, but just use it the next
    time. Take care!


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