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Anger management trough fight sports?

  • Hi there!

    So I’ve been boxing for about 4-5 years now but never allowed myself to use it as an anger management means. I’ve never really had any anger issues to begin with but for the past, at least, three years I’ve been, I think, depressed. Pretty much recently I’ve been angry all the time/gotten mad, pissed, straight out raging over the silliest little things. I saw the video that was made on anger in depression and now it makes a lot of sense. I was wondering if a sport like boxing, where one intentionally has to hurt another person, is a good thing to have to let all the anger and rage out or could it make my aggression problems only worse? I am not a violent person as much as I know myself, whatsoever.
    Hope you see this snd can answer it!
    Lots of love!! <33

    Hi Judith,

    Yes, you are NOT a violent person and I don’t know you. Boxing sounds like a very good way to get your anger out! I have never done boxing before. I think hitting something like an object could make you feel better…

    I honestly don’t get the point of boxing. I’m not into boxing at all because I don’t like watching people get hurt. I’m assuming it could be a good thing for people to get there anger out. But don’t rely on my answer because I know nothing about boxing and just giving my opinion.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Judith,
    Boxing is a great way to get out frustrations. I know a lot of times martial arts are used to help kids out with learning to focus their emotions, and boxing is no different. Just remember, you’re not intentionally hurting another person, any reputable boxing place will always stop a fight if they genuinely believe someone will be hurt, and most have rules that you can only go for where there is protective gear for just this reason. I think you should be fine, and it doesn’t make you a violent person. If sparring helps you get out your frustrations and anger, go for it!
    I wish you luck and courage,

    I study martial arts myself and I used a punching bag to take out my anger or I will try to expressed my anger in some form of art. Usually journaling, painting or drawing sometime making jewelry. Have you thought about using art to expressed your anger?

    Thank you!! 🙂

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