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Am I overreacting??

  • I work as the overnight supervisor at a women’s shelter. My past shift was really tough. I had a patron who my staff and I believe was on some sort of drug (maybe meth). They were disrespectful toward me and my authority multiple times. I heard them being rude to other patrons and so I suspended them for disrespect for 1 week. They kept telling me how if I did my job better they wouldn’t have had to be so rude, that I have no authority here so they don’t have to be gone a whole week, that my boss will back them up, and I will lose my job for this. I let them know they have 30 minutes to gather their things and exit the building. They escalated and again threatened my job, used the f word multiple times, called me a bi**h a couple times, and threatened me. At this point I was just livid and just wanted them gone. My safety and the other women’s safety was important to me. I called the cops to have her escorted. In the moment I was focused on protecting everyone. I was in fight or flight mode. But when I sat down and began to process it all, it really hit me all the awfulness this person said. I’m sure it was the drugs, but I have never been threatened and talked to like that. I was scared to walk to my car in fear that she would be outside and see me and become angry and try to do something. I just felt so numb and upset for a fair amount of today. Like I was knocked down some. Am I overreacting in my emotions toward this situation?

    Hi Ashley,
    That sounds like a really scary situation! You’re not overreacting, it’s valid of you to feel those things after being threatened and insulted, regardless of whether or not it was the drugs talking. Is there security or something who might be able to walk you to your car for the next few nights until you feel safer? Also, make sure you care for yourself and talk back to what she told you. You are a good person and her insults and threats reflect on her judgement lapse, not your character. Hope this helps some!

    Hey Ashley,

    First of all I am so sorry that this happened to you. To answer your question, no you are not overreacting. That’s a very scary situation.. and I would talk with your boss at work about it. You should have security walk you to your car until you feel more safe. I used to work at a foster teen home (housed over 150 teen girls) and I would get screamed at, cussed at, even physically threatened. We had so many classes on how to manage it, security at all time, and the ability to go home for the day if it was too much. I think that’s what made that job bearable, but know that jobs like that can be hard on us. Aside from talking to your boss and getting some support and protection, I would also not allow yourself to repeat things she said. Meaning, don’t let those negative, drug induced lies get to you. Push them out and replace them with positive things.. because she is the one who is having a hard time, and her insults are just an expression of how shitty her life is. It has nothing to do with you. I repeat, it has nothing to do you with. So don’t let your mind repeat it anymore!! xoxo

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