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Advice please

  • Paige

    Hi x
    How do I tell someone that I need help I Self harm, dont want to live anymore and feel like everyone is judging me all the time. I can’t tell my parents as it will just break them my mum found out before but she just thought it was a 1 off time as i was being bullied then. Some of my close friends know but not how bad it is. I can’t tell teachers as they will just judge me for it. What do I do?
    Many thanks x


    Kati has a few vids on this:)

    It’s great that you want help. It really is worth going through the uncomfortableness so that you can get the help you need and deserve. It’s scary and awkward but things eventually settle down and you feel relieved. If you can’t talk to teachers, parents, or friends, maybe there is someone else? Like a pastor, or someone you look up to, or even texting the helpline just to talk to someone else about what’s going on.

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