Why Can’t I Make Eye Contact with my Therapist?

kati morton explains eye contact with therapist

Making eye contact in therapy can be hard for many reasons.

If we find ourselves on the Autism spectrum, eye contact is something that we will find difficult if not impossible. However, for the rest of us making eye contact while talking about something tough can be too much. Many of my clients say that eye contact while talking about a trauma can make them feel more vulnerable.

Eye contact in therapy is definitely something that should be worked on because it can help keep us grounded as well as practice connectivity and vulnerability in a safe space. So if you find yourself struggling, know that it’s very normal, but it is something we should work on in therapy. Give yourself time to figure out why it’s hard and work through it with your therapist. xox
Here’s the question from today’s video:

Hey, I’ve recently started therapy and I find it impossible to make eye contact with my therapist. Do you find it harder to connect with your clients if they don’t make eye contact? Do you think it affects the recovery process? Thank you for taking time out of your week to make these videos- they’re super helpful!


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