Why does childhood trauma makes us feel like a child?

childishness as a result of childhood trauma

Why does childhood trauma makes us feel like a child?

We can often become developmentally arrested following a trauma because our brain needs to process what happened in order to move forward. It’s really our brain’s way of trying to give us more time and allow us to heal, but if we don’t actually work on it we can get stuck. If these trauma’s happened when we were young, our brain can sort of hold us in that time period so that we still feel and act like we are that age. While it can help give us another opportunity to process through the trauma, it can be annoying. The sooner we start working on our past with a specialist the sooner we will start to feel more our age. xox

Here’s the question from today’s video:

HI KATI + KINIONS! So my question is: why can childhood trauma make us feel like a child? I experienced trauma at a young age and now feel like a child in an adult’s body. I have a childlike sense of humor and regularly fall into a child-like persona. Sometimes it feels as though I’m an imposter pretending to be an adult. I know I am not alone in feeling this way but I would love to understand it more + learn how to “grow” into my body.

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