Are you a toxic person?

kati morton

After all of my videos about toxic relationships and how to manage them or avoid them, many of you reached out to see what you could do if you fear that you are the toxic person in your relationships. First I just want to say that in most cases it’s not that one person is […]

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Meet New Friends!

kati morton making friends

Once we aren’t in school anymore, working in a large office, or our children don’t need us like they used to, it can be hard to make new friends. All of the things that used to connect us to others seem to have gone away, or maybe we had to move for work and don’t […]

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What is an Existential Crisis?


An existential crisis is a moment in which an individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether this life has any meaning, purpose or value. An existential crisis can be caused by a significant life event (like the loss of a loved one) and this even causes us to look for or consider our […]

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