Here are some of the worksheets to help you better manage your anxiety and stop panic attacks!

I have pulled together some worksheets from an amazing site! I hope you find them helpful in your path to recovery! You can print them out and use them at your own pace. I will continually be adding more or removing ones that aren’t working, so feel free to let me know what you would like to see more of. Keep fighting! You are stronger than you know! xox

*Please download, print and place in your recovery binder


This worksheet is designed to help you better understand why panic attacks happen.

Anxiety can initiate our body’s fight, flight or freeze response. This worksheet gives you an idea of what that means and how it can feel in your body. Hopefully helping you better understand what you are going through will alleviate any extra worry that these sensations may cause.

Fight or Flight



This worksheet is designed to help you put together your own avoidance hierarchy.

Exposure therapy can be an extremely helpful part of our panic treatment once we have all our other tools on board. This worksheet helps you put together your own personal hierarchy of things you avoid; starting from the least scary and working our way up to the most feared thing to us. I would encourage you to work with a therapist on this, so that you are in a supportive and safe environment while you work through these things can be triggering and at times scary.

Avoidance Hierarchy