Thanksgiving! The Eating Disorder Video

Thanksgiving! Eating Disorder Video – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

I can feel the stress of the holiday season!  In this week’s video I address Thanksgiving. What is it and what can we focus on. I know that eating disorders and self-harm behavior can be strongly triggered around the holidays. Let me know if this video helps you, feel free to share it with others as well.

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Kati Morton


  1. KellyKelly

    Holy moly ! I like that! Anyway, I appreciate the post….or I should I am thankful for this video. I had been focusing on the negatives so much, that I never even stopped to think about the positives. Looking on it now, I’ve realized that the positives outway the negatives. I am still anxious about the situation, but the anxiety has eased up a little bit…..and I am thankful for that!

    1. Kati MortonKati Morton

      I am so glad that you found this video helpful honey!! xoxo I know it is hard to completely turn things around…but it is nice to know that by just trying to focus on the positive, we can have a better day:) xoxo Keep fighting! <3

  2. lislis

    haha I just talked about this with my therapist today! I told her that I was struggling a lot and didn’t really know how to cope with that..because in fact my symptoms are much worse at the moment than they were once..and I know that this makes me angry and sad at a time, because I think I should do better…but the more I want it the less it seems to work. So she just insited on me focussing on what I have already achieved, on how far I have come and how a lot definitely got better than worse. EDs change and it is normal that we have hard times. She said I should try to focus on little things and on moments, not on the ED as a whole. Having dinner with friends without thinking too much about it is a great thing and was basically impossible for me lately! And I should remember that instead of focussing on how much is still “not good” . She told me I have to accept my ED, basically to let it happen when I really can’t change it, because I have to accept that I can’t change all at once. Maybe that’s just a personal thing for me, but it calms me down, because it lessens the feeling of a certain pressure to get better as fast and as “perfect” as possiblbe, without any hard times.

    But I have to say that I have some problems with the being thankful thing…I definitely have a lot of things I am very thankful for: I study the subject I always wanted to, I have a wonderful boyfriend and loving and supporting family and friends, I am able to travel a lot, to persue my hobbies…I could go on for a time. But knowing all that makes me actually feel bad, because I feel like PRECISELY BECAUSE of all that I should be thankful and “normal” instead of making it harder for everybody (EDs are a burden for families and friends, of course they take it differently, but it is certainly something difficult we all have to deal with when we know somebody who is ill). Like I am not allowed to make these problems because I should be happy about my life instead of destroying it.
    I’m sorry if this is too negative, you can delete some of it if you want to…I just wanted to say that this is not easy for me…
    But other than that: I am VERY THANKFUL for your videos and all the effort you put into this! (even though I still feel like I’m bugging you with saying the same stuff over and over when I’m struggling…sorry for that!)

    1. Kati MortonKati Morton

      What perfect timing with this video huh?!?! haha!! I know that it can be hard to be thankful without our ED turning that thanks into guilt.. and maybe we have to fight back against that too and yell back that we do deserve good things, and an ED isn’t something we had a choice in getting.. it is a mental disorder… or whatever you would like to yell back 😉 I enjoy having your input and your perspective on things Lis!! So thank you so much for sharing!! xoxo