Your Self Care in 5 Easy Steps! w/Kati Morton

taking care of yourself by kati morton

Many of us struggle with self-care (myself included) so today I wanted to offer up 5 easy ways to get yours (and mine) back on track! Self-care isn’t something we have to spend a lot of time or money doing. Instead, try to think of it as something we can do little by little each day and in the end, we will feel more relaxed and recharged then we did before. So here are my easy to do little by little, self-care tips.

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1. See your professionals! I know it can be scary to make that first appointment or to get back in a rhythm of seeing your therapist each week, but trust me, it’s worth it. You are worth it. Whether you have been putting off that check up, or wanting to start a different treatment, think of this as your reminder. Do it today! Trust me, it will help.

2. Exercise! This can be whatever works for you where you are now. Remember when I talked about this in my video with Nikki Phillippi? She talked about how she was having health issues and could only do certain things to “work out.” But that it was great to find exercise that meets your where you are. So find something and try to do it 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes. Here’s our video for more:

3. Learn to say “NO” more often. This is something I struggle with so much. But when I say “no” to the thing that I don’t really need nor want to do I have more time to say “yes” to the things that I love and that recharge me. I know it takes practice, but try saying “no” when you are already feeling busy and see if that helps relieve some of the daily stress from your life.

4. Get enough sleep. I know this can be hard and I put this as number 4 because some of those other items prior to this one can help get this back in order too. Start by creating a night time routine for yourself. Maybe that is eat dinner, shower, watch a netflix show and then sleep. If we keep up with that routine, our body will slowly get used to it and we will start yawning during that netflix show. It’s amazing how adaptive we are, and we can use it to our advantage when it comes to getting enough sleep.

5. Take your medication! I hear all the time how someone hated the side effects of a medication or just decided that didn’t need it anymore and stopped taking it. I cannot say this enough, but please do NOT go off a medication without talking to your doctor! Please talk to them first because stopping a medication can have harmful side effects (withdrawal for example). If you are taking your medication, try to get used to taking it around the same time each day. That can make sure we are getting a steady amount of the med and decide if it’s working for us or not.

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  1. AshleyAshley

    Medication is my bigggest problem. When I’m so bottomed out, I will seek out a psychiatrist and I regret taking it every time so I ditch it as soon as I’m able to.