I hate him – excuse me – I don’t like him – A LOT!

So scared. Dear Kati, I’m going off to college next year – and my biggest fear is not being fully recovered I mean it’s been 3 years since I was first “Confronted” about my problem but my dad who is a therapist (masters degree and everything) thought I wasn’t sick enough to receive actual treatment – what the heck??!!

His own daughter suffering – dealing with hell in her head everyday isn’t “good enough or sick enough” for help – he didn’t even ask me if I wanted therapy – and now with college coming up I am just looking for a reason to find real help – but I was sicker then than I am now…now I won’t find any help – I’ll go off to college – get sick – and ruin my life MORE!

Blehhhhh what to do?!


  1. Kati MortonKati Morton

    Hey honey!! I am so so sorry that your father isn’t reacting well to your struggles:( It sounds to me like he is in denial.. and to be honest, many parents do that at the beginning. I am not sure how long you have before you go away to college but I would encourage you to look into seeing a therapist in your area. You can call your insurance and see who is covered and make a few calls.. see who you click with most on the phone and make an appt 🙂 Then you can tell your dad that you need help and you have an appt. (if you are over 18 you don’t really have to tell him.. but you will need money for a copay (10-30 bucks)). I think that you doing all of this work to get the support you have been asking him for should show him that you are serious and are struggling so much on your own… and you can even bring him into a session later on if you would like. If you are going to college sooner rather than later I would look into your schools counseling or health center. Most have them and it is usually free 🙂 So that’s another way to get the help you need.. and your family doesn’t have to know or approve or anything. Hang in there honey! I hope that helps 🙂 xoxo

  2. SarahSarah

    Hi there….
    Okay so I totslly know the feeling of not being accepted by your parents. Don’t be too hard on your dad for not addressing the problem, sometimes it can be hard for parents to see their own kids struggle, especially if your dad is a therapist- it might’ve been even harder for him. Denial is a part of the begining stages of recovery. I sometimes still struggle with this- I have recently started the recovery process myself. It will be stressful trying to find providers that can help you. Just because you’re not as “sick” as you were when you wanted help. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help. You are sick enough because it is consuming more of your life than it should. Talk to you doctor and your parents about it- Eating Disorders come in all types of packages. That’s something my parents and friends struggled to understand at first too. Good luck on finding treatment 🙂 Le know how things work out– sending love your way. Hang in there! PS- Kati’s workbook is awesome 🙂