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Sexual Abuse Survivors

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Let’s support each other. Let’s find healing for our sexuality and our lives. Whether you’re sharing your recovery testimony, looking for an online shoulder to cry, or just venting, you must know this: It does get better.
NOTE FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: this is only a group to vent and tell your abuse story or listen and give a shoulder to all survivors. No spam or promotion of any kind, PLEASE. Thanks!

The Courage to Heal

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The Courage to Heal

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    Hey all,

    After four months in therapy I finally was able to bring up very simple/vague aspects about my history of sexual assault, and even more vaguely a history of sexual abuse as a child. Since then, it’s really been at the forefront of my mind although I have no idea how to explain what’s going on, or even feel safe doing so without losing my shit entirely. About a week ago I ordered the Courage to Heal Workbook, the one Kati recommends, and it arrived in the mail today.
    I’m honestly too afraid to read past the title page. Like I can’t even read the table of contents without getting panicky. I’m currently looking for a therapist outside of school as the semester is ending, so I don’t know if it’s really worth it to tell my current one that I have the book. I also have no idea how I could even bring it up with a new therapist without seeming kind of stupid, because I want to work on it but I need to take it so ridiculously slow at least for now.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has used it, and possibly felt the same way? Was it helpful for you, and how do you come back down if you feel overwhelmed by it?
    Or in general, if anyone has advice on workbooks, that would be great. This is such a tangent but I appreciate y’all reading this. xoxo, Megan

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    Hi Megan. Good job starting to talk about your abuse! That’s a hard thing to do, you deserve to feel proud of that! I’d recommend a trauma based therapist simply because the understand the effects of abuse a bit better. Another thing , every therapist you work with should work only at the speed your comfortable! They are not there to judge your ability to verbalize your trauma, so don’t feel ashamed to loose your shit in their office! It’s actually the safe place to do it!

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    Hey Krista,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement & advice! I’ve made it through all of the introductory sections (which had a little mini excercise of it own) and plan on waiting to start the real work with my next therapist 🙂 Your kindness helped more than you know! xoxo

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    I also just bought the Courage to heal workbook, and it still hasn’t arrived so I can’t tell you about it yet. But I do have another book in german from one of my pervious therapists, and for me it was also very difficult to start reading in it. I had to just have it for a while, without even opening it. Then I opened it and looked at the contents – without reading anything. Then i looked at random pages, just flipping through reading random sentences without really getting into anything. I kind of had to build up some kind of relationship with the book before i started reading whole sections or chapters. Just take it as slow as you need to! The book won’t go anywhere!
    I think you’re doing a great job just taking these first steps – keep it up and some day you’ll get there!

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    Hey Alise,

    I totally understand now the buildup of a relationship with the book. So far I’ve finished the first chapter about creating safety and I’ve found that what has helped me most, because I either zone out/dissociate or plow through the material too fast to absorb it, is to keep going back and adding on. I ended up reading the same passages and answering the same questions a good 5 or 6 times; it wasn’t until about my 4th pass that I felt like things were off my chest and like I could feel safe writing in the book. And it took rereading another time for me to feel safe enough to decide to share most of what I’d written with my therapist, who I’m seeing tomorrow 🙂

    Good luck with the book! I wish you the best in recovery ❤️

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    Hey Megan! I completely understand where you are coming from. I would started slowly with the workbook and then just asked some basic question such as how do you feel about your patient working with self book workbooks just out of curiosity. Then go from there even if the therapist is against the workbook or any self help I would still work on in my own time. What do you have to lose?

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