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Sexual Abuse Survivors

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Let’s support each other. Let’s find healing for our sexuality and our lives. Whether you’re sharing your recovery testimony, looking for an online shoulder to cry, or just venting, you must know this: It does get better.
NOTE FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: this is only a group to vent and tell your abuse story or listen and give a shoulder to all survivors. No spam or promotion of any kind, PLEASE. Thanks!

Class Poem Project

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Class Poem Project

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    Hey guys, I had to write a poem for my English class and it ended up being really personal. I already turned it in and everything and it went well but I felt like sharing it here. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Bedtime Stories

    Christopher Robin
    Winnie the pooh
    Puff the magic dragon
    One tin soldier too.
    Bedtime stories I most enjoy
    Characters as real as any toy.
    All that I could ever dream of, and want to believe
    But my bedtime stories were hard to receive
    Inappropriate gestures
    Behind locked doors
    Stole my purity and innocence
    A few years after I was four
    Too young to know right from wrong
    I didn’t know how to respond
    Frozen in silence
    My voice taken away
    I hated myself more everyday
    And now I’m left with memories that haunt my life
    I find myself holding a knife
    Right then and there I want to end it all
    But somehow I have to stand tall
    I am a survivor
    Mighty and strong
    There is a place where I do belong
    I will make it in this world
    No matter what they say
    Because I have already experienced hell, in every way
    It will not be easy I’m aware
    It leaves its mark with every standing hair
    I have it too
    But I calm myself down
    With those fictional characters
    I strongly hold on
    Christopher Robin
    Winnie the pooh
    Puff the magic dragon
    One tin soldier too.
    They are what keep me here
    And I’m ready to say or do
    Everything or anything that you need me to
    I will be the voice for those without
    I will always listen and have no doubt
    My book is still open
    My story is not done
    I now sit and think about Christopher Robin’s son
    With the house on pooh corner
    Where they chased the clouds
    I know I will always stand tall and proud.

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    This is excellent and very personal. Will your class hear it or just your teacher?

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    I had to read it to the class. The top three pies in each class then continued on the round two and I was in that. I then read it to about 100 students. I ended up getting third place in the poem slam

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