Functional Depression & How to Get Help!

When we are struggling with depression or any mental illness, we can feel like we need to fall apart completely and end up in the hospital in order to get help.

I know that not all clinicians (ie. mental health professionals) are great at their jobs, but I hope some of my ideas help you better speak up and get the help that you need now!

It’s okay to be a bit pushy, and assertive with people. Make sure you let them know that you are functioning, but the next step for you is hospitalization and you are hoping they can help you stop that from happening. But the pressure on them to help you. You deserve to get support and you shouldn’t have to fall completely apart in order to get it. So speak up, be pushy and get the help you deserve.

Please share any tips or tricks that work in your area or that have worked in your experience. The more we share, the better off we all are 🙂 xoxo

Here’s todays’ question: Hi kati, I was wondering if you could talk about depression when you’re still functioning? No one is taking me seriously and I feel to stop functioning is the only way to get help. I have social/general anxiety so routine and “functioning” is essential for my recovery from that and is the only reason I manage to go to school etc. How can I get the help I need? Thank you!

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  1. Denise DainesDenise Daines

    I struggle with this very much. I push through it, but every 7 – 8 months I end up back in the hospital. I have trouble being assertive. I am very quiet and find it hard to speak up. If you get other suggestions can you help me find them.

  2. AnonymousAnonymous

    Hello, how are you doing Kati? The reason I am emailing or committing to you is because I need help. I have a feeling that something is bad is going to happen. Also, I feel that I have missed diagnosed in the pass I did not tell because of fear of hospitalization if I tell my family they might think that I am overreacting. My therapist that I see now she doesn’t know the truth at all, right now I don’t know how to tell her. I tried writing a letter except I just give it to her; also due to insurance problems I have seen her in 3 months. Kati can you please help me, so many great things are happing in my life? Except I feel that I won’t, get better if I don’t figure out what the problem is. I have been dealing with this since a young no one known. My family just thinks that I am sensitive and over reacting they just don’t understand.