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Multiple Mental Health Disorders I'm Being Treated For

  • Wesley

    #katiFAQ Sorry this is so long, I wanted to give you as much detail as i could with whats going on with me. This can be so frustrating for me because I have so many things going on with me, it seems like the list never ends and sometimes feels so overwhelming. I’m being treated for manic depression, ADHD, anxiety, I feel like I have some sort of PTSD, but read that there could be something called PTRD (Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder), also eating disorders,I have a fear of abandonment stemming from my childhood, also feeling I was the parent to my mother when my father left us for another woman when I was 7, she was smothering and always used guilt trips on me.

    I can’t trust anyone it feels because of all the people that has been in and out of my life inconsistently and have been complete let downs. I’m horrible with trusting people when trying to make friends. I feel like a black sheep most times but can play the part of being confident and charming and like I have it together but as soon as I get to know a woman I’m interested in, I can only keep the act up for so long and I become overly excited and want a lot to do with them. I’ve been in horrible relationships and I’ve been self destructive in the past with a drinking problem, which I’ve quit.

    My question is: How do I go about trying to fix all of this and which do I try fixing first? I’m in this with therapy and meds for the long haul as long as it takes, so I’m not giving up. I have also shown fear of abandonment at times with my therapist afraid she’s going to think there’s nothing more she can do and refer me to someone else. She assured me she isn’t going anywhere, but I’ve been going for 7 months and I’m afraid she may think at some point it’s been too long. I’ve heard therapy can take years. Should I worry about this? I connect with her so well and her with me too she has said.


    Hi Wesley,
    She said she isn’t going anywhere, so I think you should take her word for that. And however many mental health boxes you fit in, you are not your diagnoses, you are ok as you are, and you don’t need to be fixed or normal. Anyways, I would suggest working on the things that bother you and/or harm your mental or physical health, starting on what bothers you and/or affects your health most.

    I hope this helps,
    Take care,

    Kati Morton

    Hey Wesley,

    I am so glad that you have a therapist you are working with and that you connect with. She wouldn’t say she will stay if she wasn’t going to, honest. So you can trust that she will be with you through all of this. And yes therapy can take years.. so take your time and know that there isn’t any rush. You can work at your own pace. As for what to work on first.. my guess would be that the PTSD is what everything else stems from. I would focus on healing from all of the trauma you sustained as a child…once we have worked through that and the traumas no longer have any power over us or upset us all the other symptoms (eating issues, depression, abandonment issues, anxiety, etc) will go away. The ADHD may still be there but with your anxiety lowered that will be much easier to manage as well.

    I know it can feel like it’s taking forever, but something I like to do with my clients is think back to when you first came in and how you were doing then.. then compare it to now. It helps us see just how much progress we are really making 🙂 I hope that helps!! xoxo


    Thank you so much for all the kind words and advice on this topic:-) I absolutely love this community and the support it brings to all of us. I’m so glad I found a place I can share my story and the challenges I go through and no I’m not alone. Thank you so much, Kati for putting this sight together and sharing your empathy and knowledge with us all. You are such a caring person.

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