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#KATIFAQ the after effects of therapy

  • Sarah cadsaz

    Hi Katie,

    I was in therapy for 3 and half year and worked with my psychologist to overcome depression and anorexia. Having completed therapy I now see the world in an interesting way, I can read people; my emotional intelligence has been heightened and I can read hidden meaning behind peoples actions and this has made me more empathetic and understanding if someone is being difficult for example and it helps me not to get upset. This ability feels empowering and sometimes its quite hard in situations where someone is being a jerk not to go for their weak spot – I suppose with power comes responsibility.

    Is it normal for this to happen post therapy, does it happen to everyone? I have often wondered what it must be like for therapists outside of the therapy room, how do you cope in the real world with your ability to read into every situation and not turn it into a therapy session or to go for the ‘weak spot’ if you feel challenged by someone?

    I’d be also interested to hear what other peoples thoughts are.


    Interesting question. In part, I think that by better understanding yourself, you are better able to understand others. And by learning to have compassion for yourself,your capacity to have compassion for others increases. I know this doesn’t completely answer your question, but it’s just my two cents?

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