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#katiFAQ- stressing about school

  • Laura Reynolds

    hi kati i was wondering if you had any tips on school stress and feeling guilty about not doing enough work. Currently i am in yr 12 which is my final year of school and i have lots of big exams coming up. I have ADHD and also recently started recovering from anorexia where i was sent inpatient earlier in the year. i am finding it really really stressful because i have so much work to do in terms of studying like everyone else but i also need to catch up on everything that i missed. at the moment i am getting in about 8-10 hours of study a day as my exams are in 3 weeks. But i am finding i am getting distracted really easily and i can’t stop thinking about food etc. i will then usually stop and try take a break but in like 2 mins i will feel so guilty for not doing school work that i will i will go back straight away even though i know it will not be effective study i just have to keep working otherwise i feel as though i am wasting my time. Do you have any tips on how to help with my concentration or not feeling so guilty about not studying? sorry if this doesn’t make any sense
    also i just wanted to say i love your videos and that they are so helpful.
    Thanks so much Laura

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