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  • Rene

    What should I do if my therapist doesn’t believe me about a possible eating disorder? I told her about it a few months ago and it has gotten worse since then, because she didn’t believe me. Should I bring it up again?


    Hi Rene,

    I’m not Kati but I think if your therapist isn’t taking your ED seriously, it might be worth switching therapists and finding someone that does.

    Good luck with recovery



    Hi Kati my mum recently found out about my self harm and doesn’t see it as self harm because I don’t bleed but doesn’t understand self harm


    It is the same way with my mom. Just try explaining to her that you don’t have to bleed for it to be self harm. Tell her that self harm is when you purposely hurt yourself to cope. That might work.


    Hi Kati, recently someone I care about came forward and told me that I’ve been emotionally abusive and toxic towards them. I had no intentions of hurting them and while I’ve tried to be honest and open while apologizing, it seems to have hurt them even more. I feel really bad about this and have been trying to find out if I’m a bad person for doing what I did, even though I didnt know it would hurt them and what I can do to change. I haven’t told my therapist yet but I plan to but I’m hoping that you could provide some insight as well. Thanks for everything you do!


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