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I think I could be bipolar?

  • Chris Bower

    So, for a while now ive kinda been having fairly unusual mood changes. I go through depressive episodes that usually last anywhere between an hour or two to a couple days, then other times I might feel great and go exercise and socialize and get a lot of things done. Im also really irritable sometimes, and it takes next to nothing to set me off. I recently read an article ( about 3 different peoples’ experience with rapid cycling bipolar disorder and the first one almost perfectly describes me. When im depressed, i decide that i need to see someone about this, but when i feel fine or even great, i feel like i had been exaggerating my symptoms or even making it up for attention so i never do. I guess i just need validation?

    Chris Bower

    What do you guys think?


    Hi Chris,
    I think that you should seek out the opinion of a professional if you are worried. It sounds like you might. I hope this helps.

    Take care,


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