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Hi, everyone!

  • Marcela


    I’m Marcela, I live in Brazil, graduated in Biology and I’m doing a master’s in genetics.
    I’ve been watching Kati’s videos for a while and I decided to join the community to ask questions and see what people comment here, basically. It seemed like a really positive community!

    I started getting interested in mental health when I learned that a person close to me had depression. I began reading a lot about it, specially high functioning depression. I came across Kati’s videos and discovered I’m really interested in psychology and mental health in general.

    I’ve been in therapy for a while and I also try things that Kati suggests in her videos, like journaling, which works really well for me!

    Nice to meet you!


    Hi and welcome, Marcela!


    Welcome 🙂


    Hi Marcela!
    It’s good to meet you! I got my masters in bacterial genetics last year, so welcome fellow biology nerd!


    Hello! Gosh you’re clever! I love the videos too and have been watching them for so many years I had to eventually ‘come out’ as it were. Lovely to see such a positive and proactive community. 🙂 I hope you find help and support here. I’m very new at posting but will get better as I find my way around the place. 🙂 Hello to you all!

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