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Dissociation and Alters

  • Megan

    Hey Kati,

    I’m asking this because I’m not sure if anyone out there can relate, but I have DID, and some of my alters are really struggling right now and I want to know what I can do to help them. My alters went through severe abuse when I was younger while I blocked it out, and now they are struggling with the after effects like flashbacks and nightmares, and are just having a really hard time coping. It’s like having many abused children in my head who are pushing me away, angry, and are taking it out on my body. I feel stuck because I want them to feel happy and I want our system to work together, but they are in so much pain and suffering. I guess my question is how can I help my struggling alters be in less pain and feel stronger, so we can work together towards recovery. Thank you for any advice or help you can give.


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