Here are some of the worksheets I talk about in my CBT video.

*Please download, print and place in your recovery binder



The first is a thought record worksheet.

This allows us to keep track of what negative thoughts we are having each day and then combat them with proof and an alternative thought. Doing this, although it can feel tedious, can really help us change our negative thoughts around and I promise you will start feeling much better!

Thought Record Worksheet



The second worksheet catered to helping us challenge our negative or false beliefs.

It is called “The Behavioral Experiment” because we are going to choose a belief that we have, and we are going to see if it holds up when we challenge it. It gives an example on the second page, so check that out if you need more guidance.

Behavioral Worksheet



The last worksheet is a way to track the beliefs that we have been working on.

Noticing what our old or unhelpful belief was, and noting what we have replaced that belief with. This can be great to not only show our progress, but reaffirm that we have changed our initial negative belief.

Positive Belief Record